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Our company was founded in 1854 by four working partners. First activity consisted of cotton receiving.
Founding of the HMSS Logistics
Back in 1960 Late Shri Himmatlal Shah started the HMSS group with only dreams and a vision in a small office in Ahmedabad. At that time he did not have enough resources at his disposal to make an empire that HMSS is today, but it was his hard work and constant efforts that made HMSS what it is today.
Open DGFT office in Ahmadabad
Shri P.C. Alexander then the secretary, Ministry of Commerce helped the company to get the permission to open DGFT office in Ahmadabad from Government of india.
HMSS office moved
The dream is not achieved but can be seen. In 2004 we moved to the most elite area of the city and made an office full of modern infrastructural facilities.

About Us

We are a team of dedicated and hard-working employees focused to make you realize your targets and objectives in the most efficient and competent way.

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